Autumn has been treating us good

Friday, October 19, 2018
Mother and daughter in autumn

Hello beautiful! How have you been? I have to say, I’ve been good. Loving autumn in Vilnius this year, so warm and sunny. Fall was never my favorite season, but each year, I start to like it more and more. This time, it just blew my mind. I’ve never seen such a perfect, rich and charming weather!


Fall isn’t only beautiful, but also eventful for us. This week, my interview with People magazine was published and I felt humbled. My blog was noticed and that made me feel a little proud of myself. Something that has been growing with me since spring 2016. Thank you for your continuous love. Without you, it wouldn’t have been possible. Moreover, another interview with a magazine is on its way, but I will talk about it later. It is on a totally different subject.


If you missed the article or didn’t have a chance to read it, find it HERE.


Regarding our family, Meda has been changing and growing so much. Not long ago she learnt how to clap and few days ago she started showing “bye bye” with her little hand. It’s the cutest thing ever! Being 8,5 months old, she already weights 9,5 kg. My back is defnitely feeling it!


Furthermore, my brother started taking photography more seriously. I asked him several times to take pictures of us and he did so good. These pictures are my all time favorite ones. It kind of has a NEW YORK vibe, even though it was taken in Vilnius, at my favorite street – Čiurlionio. I seriously think my brother is super talented. Considering I am not that easy to photograph. What do you think?



Click HERE to see more of my brother’s work!


How has been autumn treating you? How do you like it so far? Excited for Halloween or already in Christmas mood? We went the other day to IKEA and Christmas was in full swing there. Crazy how time goes by quickly. That’s the reason, why we should enjoy every day given to the fullest.



Coat – H&M

Dress – My white cup

Glasses – H&M

Meda’s pants – Lindex

Meda’s bunny sweater – NEXT

Meda’s hat – RZ style&fashion






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