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Monday, April 9, 2018
John Masters Organics hair mask for normal hair

Have you ever found a brand which you love so much, that you simply start ignoring all other items available on the market? It always happens to me! I am so loyal to what I like, I end up using products what it seems like for a lifetime. If I like it, I will stick to it. This is exactly, what happened with John Master Organics!


This blog post should smell like apricots and roses. As I will be concentrating mainly on a hair mask, I’ve been loving so much. I started using it, when I was 9 months pregnant with Meda (you will see in the pictures below).


Hands down, it is such a good product for your hair, especially if you want that silky and rich look. After first application, I loved the way it moisturized my hair. When blow drying it, I enjoyed the scent of roses, but not that much of apricots though. Whenever I made any kind of movement that day, my husband would notice the scent. I loved it! Having your hair smell great is just so cute and welcoming.


Interesting fact!


This hair mask is formulated with 70% organic content, including 40% organic rose water. It takes 8,700 rose petals to make the organic rose water in each tube. This fact made me appreciate the hair mask even more!


Here featuring some of my (and husband’s) favorite products and sharing links for an easy way to shop, if you fancy.


John Masters Organics hair mask for normal hair | Monika Jogmine


Lime & spruce hand cream – my husbands favorite. Shop HERE.


John Masters Organics hair mask for normal hair | Monika Jogmine


Deep scalp treatment & volumizer. Shop HERE.

Dry hair nourishment & defrizzer. Shop HERE.


John Masters Organics hair mask for normal hair


These two are my all time FAVE!

Hair mask for normal hair. Shop HERE.

Leave-in treatment for supernatural shine & softness. Shop HERE.


John Masters Organics hair mask for normal hair | Monika Jogmine


After almost 3 months using John Masters Organics hair mask, I definitely feel the difference. My hair is much healthier and happier. I use it twice a week on wet hair and leave it for approximately 3-5 minutes.



Having a baby means you have a really small gap in the day to take care of yourself. If my husband is at work, I rarely have time to brush my hair. Because when Meda naps, I nap, too. It is important for Meda to have a happy mummy and not a grumpy mummy. And the other way around. Sleep is always my top priority. It is the best way to feeling good and looking good.


Whenever Aidas is back from work, I always ask for some “me” time. So I could go take a shower and simply treat myself a little. It gives me so many happiness  points.


Do you have your favorite hair, skin and body care products? Have you ever tried John Masters Organics? Let me know in the comments below.







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