Hammock for Drakoniukas

Monday, December 11, 2017
Hammock for cat | Drakoniukas Jogminas

This post will be all about our precious cat Drakoniukas. He has been such a big part of our lives, I am very excited to keep him involved in my blogs. We’ve been trying to do our best to make him happy and occupied. Starting with searching for nutritious food options, homemade toys and friendliest places to rest and sleep.


If you follow me on instagram, you probably know he had been loving sleeping in an ikea fruit basket. Yes, I know, how silly 🙂 We really felt the need to change it. Even though, in our living room we have a big comfortable sofa, he was in need of his own space. Which would only belong to him.


My dear friend Rasa from www.saveplace.eu makes these stylish hammocks for cats. They not only save your place, but also blend very nice with the interior. I am not saying it, because she is my friend, but I truly mean it. When I got one for Drakoniukas, we installed it on our dining table chair. At first, he was scared of it, what made us a little concerned. But we would occasionally put him in it just to make sure he understands it is for him and hopefully starts making effort by himself. To sleep or just chill.



It took good 2 weeks for Drakoniukas to understand and start loving it. By surprise, one day we woke up and found out he slept through the whole night in his hammock. We felt very proud parents, haha. Since then, it has been his happy spot. Whenever he plays with Aidas, he jumps in his hammock and pretends as if he is invisible. It is definitely his safe place and gradually became his favorite one.



When people come over, this hammock always puts a smile on their faces, especially if Drakoniukas is chilling in it. For him, it is almost like having Hawaiian holiday each day 😉 if only we had more sun!


What do you think about this solution? In my opinion, it is genius. If you would like to purchase something similar or to give a kind gift for a cat owner you know, check out my lovely friend’s store to explore more options.





Hammocks for cats – www.saveplace.eu

Beautiful heart pillow – www.mywhitecup.com



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