It’s a GIRL

Wednesday, January 3, 2018
It's a girl

Yesterday was a big day for us. We went for our last ultrasound to see the baby and got a confirmation that we are expecting a GIRL. This is something we already knew long time ago, but the doctor wasn’t sure and we were afraid to share the news in case something might change. But nothing has changed, it is official. We are having a little precious baby girl.


I gathered so many girly clothing items, my friends Ingrida and Gintarė had been so kind and gifted us plenty of adorable outfits. I was so happy to receive and have them, but each time there was a little doubt circling around, but what if the doctor didn’t see, maybe it was a boy. What am I going to do with all the beautiful clothes?



Even though there was a little doubt in my head, my heart constantly said it is a girl inside me. She was very tender with her kicks. There was a special bond we had from first days in my tummy and I feel we will be very close, when she is born.


As long as i can remember, I always had a feeling my first child is going to be a girl. I used to dream of brushing and braiding her hair, wearing matching outfits, talking about boys. It is something I always had anticipation for. I want a boy also, but as for a first child, a girl is more than perfect.


My husband Aidas seems extremely happy to have a little girl, but he said second one is going to be a boy 🙂 We will see!


To be honest, all we want is her to be healthy and happy. February 4 is the date when she is expected to join our family. The clock is ticking and there are only 4 weeks of waiting left.


If you were pregnant, did you have a feeling of what you were waiting for? Or maybe you didn’t want to know? I was so eager to find out, it let me connect with the baby on a much deeper lever. Have you found out the gender early in your pregnancy or later on? I would love to hear from you





P. S. Can you spot Drakoniukas in the top picture? Ha ha.


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