Our love for “My white cup” dresses

Monday, July 23, 2018
My white cup dresses

Hello my beautiful readers! I am here, writing a blog post, which feels a m a z i n g. It is a blast to sit by computer and do something I love. I adore being with my daughter Meda, but at the same time a blog is my life and I want to share so many things with you. I missed writing ans sharing too much!


How have you been? Is summer treating you well? I think, we have the warmest summer ever, which is not that bad. I love warm weather. It boosts up my mood and makes our family do stuff and explore more.


Today I wanted to share our love for “My white cup” dresses. This is a brand, which is operated by my sister Orinta. I am not sharing it, because she is my sister. I want to scream from the top of my lungs, that the dresses are our all time favorites. The comfort you get, when wearing them is incredible. You have to try one on, to understand.


Our recent purchase was the beautiful light pink ensemble. Mine is decorated with beautiful ruffles on top and Meda’s dress has a white heart in front.



The happiest ladies on Planet Earth!



It is such a beautiful set. We feel like princesses. To make the look pop, we matched it with black details. Meda’s black bow is also from “My white cup” and my shoes are from Filippa K.



Here is another set we own. Last year, I attended a wedding in this beautiful light creme dress. When I was pregnant with Meda, it was the comfiest and the prettiest dress to wear. It has a tied up bow on the back, which makes the dress look special.


I wore it so many times: when 8 months pregnant during our Christmas party last year, birthday party this summer, I am successfully wearing it now. It is a versatile piece for sure. To match the look we got this beautiful little dress for Meda, too. Decorated with golden buttons on the back. I always choose long sleeved versions for her, because it is a safer option (babies tend to get cold easily).



Meda’s sparkly shoes are from H&M kids. I am not sure, if they are available in Lithuania. Aidas sister Sigita got them in Stockholm for Meda’s christening. How cute are they?



Platform sandals with golden stripe are from my wedding. I still love them so much. They were from Zara. So comfortable. The best purchase ever!



Which look is your favorite? To be honest, I can’t choose one, because I love both so much. Very soon, I will share a post from Meda’s christening, we also wore “My white cup” dresses. Fans #1!


Million thanks for my husband for capturing these beautiful pictures.


What we wore:

Dresses, bows – My white cup

Black shoes – Filippa K

Platform shoes with golden stripe – Zara

Meda’s sparkly shoes – H&M kids


Thank you for reading!







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