Meda is here

Thursday, February 22, 2018
Meda is here | Jogminai family

January 31st, 2018 was the day when our lives changed forever. Giving birth to Meda was by far the proudest experience in my life. Pregnancy and birth are the most miraculous things which ever happened to me. Thank you God, for making it quite a smooth ride. We feel blessed and grateful to finally have her healthy and happy.



Our little miracle was born at 23:47 (almost midnight), 53 cm tall, weighting 3,66 kg. We are already counting 22 days together and it feel like it was this way forever. I cannot imagine my life without her. She is already a big part of our family and there are no words to describe how divine it feels holding Meda in our arms. She is the most precious, pure little human. We can already sense a little bit of her personality, which is a lot like mine. But Meda’s looks are definitely from her daddy.


It has been the hardest blog post to write, as I am bursting with emotions, but have no words to express them. The whole experience of giving birth has made me such a different person and gave me a new perspective on life. My priority has always been a family, and the fact we created one ourselves, makes me want to tear up each time I think about it.


We love Meda more than everything and we are excited to grow and experience life with her.



These pictures were taken when she was only 12 days old. After each nap, it seems Meda grows significantly. She already has changed a lot. Cannot wait to share her first achievements.


Aidas has been such a good dad. Sometimes I question myself, if it is his first child (just kidding) 🙂 He is an absolute natural at it. So relaxed and chill. Making things smooth and parenting easy. I am very thankful to have him as my partner in life. I am pretty sure, Meda will be the happiest to have such a good dad by her side.


Do you have children? How did you feel during first month of his/her life. I definitely feel speechless and emotional. You kind of realize your life will never be the same. In the most positive way.





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