Meda meeting her best friend

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Hey, I am back! After weeks of suffering and fighting mastitis, which then developed into breast abscess has been tough emotionally and physically. But I am finally doing ok, in the process of healing. That is life, everything takes time. On a positive note, today sharing the cutest blog post ever. Two days ago Meda met her best friend and it was the most precious thing ever.


My friend Lina gave birth to Adomas late December. We were one month apart when expecting. It was so nice to have a friend with whom you can talk and share pregnancy stuff. Now we both cannot believe that we hold our own children and we grew them under our own hearts. That’s the miracle of life.


For the first time, we got to meet all together. Meda absolutely loved Adomas, she even tried to eat him, haha. You will see in the pictures below. Seeing our munchkins side by side was so cute. Hoping to maintain a beautiful bond and meet many more times.



Can you tell we look a little bit tired? Haha. That is the reality of being a new parent. So great to make such memories. We would love to have more of them!






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