Meda’s christening day

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Hello, haw have you been? The beginning of 2019 wasn’t that good for me. I slipped at home while playing with my cat and broke my arm. It changed my current life so much. My arm will be in a cast for quite some time. Taking care of Meda and doing simple daily tasks became challenging. But I am learning each day! Hopefully, the whole situation will teach me some great lessons and will make me much stronger!


Meda’s 1st birthday is approaching (crazy!), so I decided to share some pictures from her christening. It was one magical day, I realized I never wrote a blog post about it.


We decided to do it on 31st of May, 2018 (Medutė turned exactly 4 months, she was born 31st of January, 2018), just to keep the number 31. We had our first trip to Italy planned on July, I was so eager to christen her before leaving Lithuania. I think, I felt a little superstitious. So glad we planned it quickly and made it happen.


We had the most beautiful sunny spring weather. Blue skies put big smiles on our faces. After preparation at home, we went to the church of St. Francis and St. Bernard to get the blessing. Meda stayed calm not only for the whole ceremony, but also for the whole day. After few pictures in the beautiful yard by the church, we went for delicious lunch to the boutique hotel Shakespeare. We played few games, like guessing some facts about Meda (my brother Arvydas performed the best) and then enjoyed some great food.


I remember being so proud of our little angel Meda Juta Jogminaitė. I wore my wedding dress and had my sister and her husband as godparents. I gave freedom for my sister to choose her christian name. Juta was perfect! Never felt so calm and happy, because I knew she will forever and ever be in good hands – God hands.


Here are some moments from the day captured by all of us (we didn’t hire a photographer) 🙂 We are brave folks!






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