Meda’s routine (7 months old)

Tuesday, September 25, 2018
7 months old baby routine

Hey! I have been receiving questions on my instagram from other moms, what is current Meda’s routine. I figured, why not write a little blog post about it. If you don’t have children, it might not be interesting for you. Sorry!


Our daughter is almost 8 months old (6 days left). It feels like she was born yesterday! She has been changing so much recently. Her personality is starting to shine through. Each day getting to know her better and better.


You probably won’t believe, but Meda is sleeping through the night from 3,5 months. I don’t know, if introducing formula (at 1,5 month) got her to sleep that well, but something just happened and she gradually from waking up 3 time at night made it to zero. She fusses from time to time during the night, but I give her a pacifier and she falls back to sleep immediately. Yay, for pacifier 🙂


0-1 month – used to wake up 3 times for a feed (I wouldn’t let her take longer than 3 hour naps, so she doesn’t mix day with night)

1-2 months – used to wake up 2 times for a feed (at 1,5 month went fully on Aptamil formula)

2-3 months – used to wake up 1 time for a feed

3-6 months – made to zero, only a little fuss, but pacifier would help fall back to sleep


She has 2 bottom teeth and their growth hasn’t effected her behavior at all, or maybe we didn’t notice. Also, no tummy ache whatsoever. She has been a trooper.


From 3 to 6 months old, she was waking up extremely early in the morning. Sometimes 4:30, 5:30 or 6:00. But recently it has changed. Maybe because her daily naps shrank from 4 times to 3. Now she sleeps very well from 20:30 to 7:00. But guess what, Drakoniukas (our cat) starts to run around at 4:00, because he thinks it is the perfect time to play! I cannot wait till we get doors installed, so I could get my sleep (much needed sleep) 😀 Also, I am one of those crazy moms who still check their baby during the nigh, just to make sure she is breathing and everything is ok.



That is how our daily schedule looks like at 7 months old:


7:00 wake up

7:30 milk (formula, ± 200 ml)

9:00 short nap time till 9:30

10:00 breakfast (for example: ± 150 g. of porridge puree with some kind of fruit)

11:00 milk (formula, ± 130 ml)

11:30 nap time till 12:30

13:00 lunch time (for example: ± 150 g. of meat with potatoes (or buckwheat) and vegetables)

14:00 milk (formula, ± 100 ml)

16:00 nap time till 17:00

17:30 dinner (for example: ± 150 g. of rice puree with carrots, broccoli or cauliflower)

18:30 milk (formula, ± 100 ml)

19:30 bath time

20:00 milk (formula, ± 200 ml)

20:30 bed time, sleep



In between written times we play, read, go outside with a stroller, meet friends and do all kinds of stuff. When she is tired from home, I take her outside and she instantly becomes calm. Loves looking around and enjoying the views. Fun fact: she is afraid of bushes, haha. Whenever we pass by bushes she has a terrified look on her face 😀



Meda is sleeping in her crib, which is currently in our bedroom. I am thinking about bringing it to her own room, but I am not sure about this transition. It still makes me feel a little bit anxious. But I know it will be better for her. The older baby gets, the more she understands, the harder the transition is. I guess, we will put her crib to her own room in the nearest future. I know, I need like 2-4 nights and I will get used to it.


I try to take motherhood as easy as possible, because it can get quite tough at times. It is us moms, who put a lot of pressure on our shoulders. Nowadays, when social media exists you can get easily affected by it. So many moms, so many opinions and lots of criticisms. I try not to compare myself, my life or my child to anyone else’s. I know everyone is different and we all grow in our own pace. That is life, we all are unique. There is no reason to stress over little things. I am far away from a perfect mom and I do not strive to be one. I just want our family to be healthy and happy.


How is your baby doing with the routine? Or maybe you don’t like routines? I am definitely a routine person and I like to have routine myself. My body feels better and my mind is calmer. I guess, it is the same for babies. Let me know your thoughts.








  1. I have 2months old daughter and we still don’t have a normal routine, everything going around routine like yours, but its still chaotic. I also like routine for me, so now I am waiting when our child show for us her routine.. Anyway, she going to sleep till 20:00 and wake up about 6:30-7:00, its looks like routine bones 😀

    • 2 months old and sleeping through the night?! That is impressive! I think, such “bones” are a perfect starting point. Congratulations! She is still very young, you will definitely have a routine, when she grows a little 💛

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