November goals

Thursday, November 9, 2017
November goals

Can you believe, we are living in a month of November! 2 months and we will end the year of 2017. Time is the best runner up in all the things we do and plans we have. It always comes first and we cannot catch it. Which makes me, personally, constantly behind. I have already achieved few of my November goals work-vise, but there are so many more amazing things coming up this month that I am very excited to share.



THRILLING! This is the month, when I am leaving on my maternity leave. Official day is November 21st. I was hoping to get all my work settled and closed on that date, but I could definitely tell by now, it is not possible. There are quite a few photography projects to finish and I am willing to do it by the end of this year. But still, November 21st is a day, when it has to happen officially and it makes me happy and scared at the same time. Happy, because we will soon meet our precious baby. Scared, because there are so many challenges approaching us and the idea of giving birth makes me a little nervous. I have high hopes that everything is going to be fine and I will survive it as all women do.



We have 3 birthdays coming up this month. November 14th is my Mom’s birthday – 55 years. November 29th is my sister’s birthday – 35 years. I am more than happy to spend time with my family. Especially, when it happens on such special occasions. We are planning a little surprise for our Mom and as long as I know, my sister Orinta is throwing a bigger party with friends at her studio. Yay!



On November 16th Aidas’ sister Sigita is landing from Stockholm to Vilnius. Her birthday is also taking place on this month. We will celebrate it with my husband’s family at Bistro 18 (it has become a tradition). Also, Aidas, dad Saulius, Artūras and Sigita will be heading for Queen’s concert in Kaunas. Meanwhile, I will stay at home and cook something delicious.



On November 25 we are doing a little home warming party with closest friends at our apartment. We haven’t done one yet, since we moved 1 year ago and some of our friends haven’t had a chance to come over (as we were living without doors). Finally, we are settled with some of home works. A door in the toilet was installed last week and the tiles over our kitchen worktop went up this week. We feel ready to have guests over and cannot wait for many cozy evenings to come.



It is a month of nesting and cleaning. Long time ago, little by little I started giving away so many of our belongings, which we never used or used rarely on Facebook group “Free your stuff / Atiduotuvė”. It made our home so much spacious and my mind much clearer. We don’t need that many things, as we feel too attached to them, but for no reason. Giving it all away is freeing and beautiful. I absolutely adore having minimal, not too crowded home. I love giving away old unnecessary stuff, it brings an opportunity for new things to come in your life.


But folks, no throwing away, it always brakes my heart, as it is so harming for the environment. Rather give it someone who needs it!



November is the last month when we can chill and not stress too much about the baby stuff. Will start thinking more seriously about it on December. Most importantly, we need to purchase a stroller and set up a nursery. It is in my plans for a long time and I already gathered few ideas. Will definitely make a separate blog post dedicated to it and will talk more about my recent pregnancy news and changes.



And the last but not least, I want to finish all summer vlogs and put them up on my Youtube channel. It takes some time to gather everything we filmed and prepare it in a beautiful format, so it is nice and interesting for you to watch. I have a lot of new footage waiting and I am eager to start sharing it with you as soon as possible.


Overall, life is good and treating us well. Have you made plans for this month? Are you excited for an upcoming holidays next month? I am, but still a lot to achieve in November!


Thank you for reading!



Love you




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