OOTD: pink obsession

Wednesday, January 24, 2018
OOTD: pink obession

Pink is the new black? At least for me. No wonder we are expecting a girl (a true girly girl). My eyes have been catching pink everywhere I go. And you can definitely see it in my today’s OOTD.


I am rocking my 9 months pregnant belly and still managing to look decent, haha. I though when I hit 9 months, all I will be doing, just staying home and not showing up in public, but it has been the opposite. We had so many things to take care of, before baby’s arrival. Therefore, we have been going out so often, that I had to find ways to dress myself. It is not an easy task, when your belly is popping out so much.


This month, I have been obsessed with all shades of pink, grey and white. It has been my ultimate favorite color combination. It seems there is no room for other colors. I am totally ok with it. Maybe it’s a phase, but I am enjoying it to the fullest.


This outfit has to be my favorite of what I have in my closet. It is so comfortable, yet still beautiful and chic. Stradivarius coat and purse with furry details match so well together. My husband Aidas reminded me of an original Timberland’s I got long time ago, they are pink and were created for this outfit. Not to forget a stylish hat from RZ style&fashion and jumper dress from No sleep. And let me tell you about my new Dr. Hauschka lipstick, which complements perfectly the whole look.


I was so pleased how it all turned out, it made me feel so much better about myself and my growing body. Trust me, it is so hard to hit the very end of your pregnancy and find pieces to wear.



How beautiful is this Dr. Hauschka lipstick in the color mandevilla?

It does have a soft shimmer and a moisturizing pigmentation, which is perfect for winter. I felt like wearing a lip balm. Lip stick contains botanical ingredients such as rose petals, almond and carnauba wax. Wow, right?

Find more colors HERE



To be honest, I am not feeling my best recently. Pregnancy has taken a tall on me. Counting last days of me and my belly and preciously waiting for our girl to arrive. She is already fully developed, so it can happen any time. I am not having a lot of energy, because my body feels a little bit exhausted. But that is a normal reaction and I am patiently waiting. Trying to find ways to relax, smile and enjoy last days as much as I can. So little time left!


Thank you for reading. Let me know what your favorite colors have been recently? Are you more like a pastel person or enjoy wearing darker tones? I guess, it sometimes depends on our mood and on the weather.



Shoes – Timberland

Leggings – H&M

Coat – Stradivarius

Purse – Stradivarius

Jumper dress – NO SLEEP

Watch – Triwa

Hat – RZ Style&Fashion

Earrings – H&M


Make up:

Lipstick – Dr. Hauschka (color: mandevilla)

Mascara – Dr. Hauschka (color: black)

Powder foundation – L’Oreal True Match (color: rose beige)

Eyebrow pencil – ARTDECO (color: 7 light)

Eye shadow – H&M

Nail polish – H&M (color: creamed honey)







    • Aiste, turėjau ir šaliką, bet jo neprireikė, termometro stulpelis siekė vos 0 dieną, kai fotografavome. O kai dar lakstai visur su mašiniuku, ne taip ir būtina. Bet kai spaudžia -11 (kaip pvz. vakar) apsibubuturiuoji taip, kad matosi tik akys 🙂

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