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OOTD: sister’s wedding day

Friday, June 3, 2016
OOTD sister's wedding day (couple, blond, look, romantic, monika jogmine, aidas jogminas))

May 29th, 2016 – the third happiest day in my life! The first one was my own wedding, the second one, was my friends wedding (Linas and Dovilė Zeniauskai) and the third one – my sister’s wedding. WEDDINGS ROCK! And I absolutely love being a guest on these special days. The only thing which always stresses me out after receiving an invitation, is what to wear?

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Nature is beautiful

My love for peonies

Tuesday, May 31, 2016
My love for peonies (flowers, white interior)

Do you buy flowers for yourself? I know, I know, I am the same. My husband Aidas is such a nice man, but he never understood a purpose of gifting flowers to a woman. This is quite upsetting for me, but on the other had I can always buy them myself. It is still very pleasing to go to a flower market here in Vilnius and choose the ones I like the most. Peonies have always been flowers from my grandmothers garden and I never kind of saw a lot of beauty in them. Weird, right? But when I gradually started my photography business and got to photograph so many bridal bouquets with peonies, I totally fell in love with them.

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Life happens

My sister is getting married

Saturday, May 28, 2016
My sister is getting married (bicycle, bike, white, grass, french style, furniture, picnic, romantic, table, chairs)

My sister is getting married tomorrow. I can’t believe it! Time flies by too quickly. But this post is not about the wedding yet (there will be one about it I promise). Last Sunday, we organized a little girls party for my sister Orinta. I was so nervous for it to go well, but everything went even better than we expected. I am so fortunate that she has the best girlfriends, they all got involved in the planning and it was quite stress-free to organize and so joyful to be there: enjoy chats, good weather, smiles and even some tears.

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