My pregnancy month by month

Tuesday, May 29, 2018
Pregnancy project

Hello my loves! I get very excited, when I find a minute for a blog post. Yay! It is something I really love doing. Most of the time, I am spending days alone with Meda, which means I have to be very smart planning my time. When she is napping, I am napping, too. Or simply brushing my teeth, or eating. Today I made a decision to finally go sit by computer, instead of doing the things I mentioned. I am still in my pajamas at 13:00, but who cares? 😀


We are celebrating Meda’s christening this Thursday, so I thought it would be perfect to remember my months of pregnancy in a beautiful little project. I took a picture each month (starting from month 3) and made a little collage. I am so glad I did it, because it feels very nice to look back at it now. Still leaving me mesmerized how amazing woman’s’ body is.


My pregnancy was an easy one, comparing to challenges I faced, when Meda was born (breastfeeding was the biggest one for sure!). Only last months were more difficult. Walking became painful, as I was carrying Meda low. Other than that, I honestly enjoyed that time of my life. It was magical!


3 months pregnant vs. 4 months pregnant



5 months pregnant vs. 6 months pregnant



7 months pregnant vs. 8 months pregnant



9 months pregnant vs. holding Meda in my arms (almost 3 months old)



The project doesn’t only show the growing belly, but also it is a reflection of me, how I changed and evolved as a person. Now I am a mom! To this day, I look at Meda and there is no way I can assure she grew in my body. How crazy? I am so happy to get to know the feeling of carrying the baby and giving birth. It has been the best experience in my life and I am very grateful Meda chose us to be her parents.



Have you ever considered doing a project like this? Or maybe you got lost in the process? I know, it looks easy, but at times it gets so hard to keep up.


Trust me, it is so worth it!







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