Pregnancy update | 8 months

Friday, January 5, 2018
Pregnancy update | 8 months

Oh my God! I am officially counting first days of my 9th month. This pregnancy has flown by so quickly, I don’t feel I am completely ready for our baby girl to arrive, but this is the feeling probably all expecting moms are going through. Today’s blog post will be dedicated to the way I felt the last month and how much pregnancy changed for me. 7 months were an easy walk compared to the last ones.


I was thinking to do my 7th month pregnancy update also, but I felt quite the same as on my 6th month, you can read all about it HERE. There was no point on writing almost the same things. But oh dear, when I reached my 8th month, so many things have changed. The baby has started to grow significantly and my belly is feeling quite heavy.


Me and my husband are currently sick. Aidas got some kind of cold at work and brought it to me (excuse my tired and sick face in the pictures). I tried natural remedies to get better, but nothing seemed to work. After couple of visits to the doctor, I am taking my medicine and feeling slightly better. Aidas is also doing much better the past few days.


On January 2nd we went to our last ultrasound and I am happy to tell that we received only positive news. The baby is already head down an ready for her arrival. My issue with placenta solved itself out and my due date was finally confirmed – February 4. The only difficulty is that our baby’s head is positioned low and I have to be very careful and tender with my moves and activity.


In addition to it, each outing has became a little struggle. Whenever we go for a walk or to the store to buy groceries, I would feel discomfort in my lower tummy area. Each time the discomfort is different. Sometimes it is very hard to manage, sometimes it is much easier. Slow walking helps a lot.


Bigger tummy leaves me a grumpy person when I sleep. Rolling over is a big project, or getting out of bed to pee (which happens 3-4 times per night). I would say, I sleep quite well and I try to wake up when my body wants, no alarm o’clock whatsoever. But sometimes I would not find a comfy position and I would not have that good sleep.


My belly button is finally an outie. But when I lay down on my back it becomes an innie again.


No stretch marks, yet. Yay!


I still wear my wedding ring. I must be fortunate not to have pregnancy swelling. My feet feels quite the same and my hands also, just slightly chubbier, because I gained some weight. I would notice a tiny bit of swelling, if I ate too much food in the evening. Especially on winter holidays, because you know on Christmas and New Year’s Eve your eyes see so much food and just cannot resist on any of it.


I gained exactly 12 kilograms from the beginning of my pregnancy. It is quite a lot. Considering I will still grow in the following 4 weeks.



I have started experiencing a heartburn. Oh boy, it is something I really don’t like, because I have to go to bed and sleep almost in a sitting position, if I want to go through the night successfully. If not, the burning sensation kills me. “Rennie” has been a helper and I am so happy a heartburn appeared only during last months of my pregnancy, because I know some women experience it much earlier on. Maybe because I carry a baby low, it took some time for her to grow and push my stomach up.


I am feeling much more tired and my energy levels are very low. Grumpiness and laziness are my best friends right now.


I always need my husband’s help when going out. He ties my shoes. Thank you Aidas Jogminas! You are the best!


My relationship with food is weird. Sometimes I feel I want to eat so much and everything looks delicious, but sometimes I look at food and noting attracts me. I don’t know what is the reason behind it, but on an occasions I feel there is no attraction to food, I try taking lots of separate fruits or veggies. So the baby is feeling good and I don’t leave my body with nothing.



Other than that, all is good. Still feeling over the moon and happy like never before. Spending much more time at home, not really going out that much. Chilling, cleaning, doing everything I always wanted, but never had time for. This is such a beautiful chapter and it is going to an end. When the baby is born, a totally different life will begin and I am a little bit nervous, but at the same time very excited. Hope we will be good parents to our little baby girl. So weird, we are still feeling like children in our hearts and we will have a child ourselves. We will make a good team, I guess. She will be our best friend 🙂


Fingers crossed Drakoniukas (eng. Little Dragon) will love her as much as we do!


Cannot wait to see her face, to hold her, to touch her tiny little feet. Less than 4 weeks and we will meet her. How crazy, how beautiful, how amazing. Life is truly a miracle. Thankful for all its blessings.



Dress – Aprangos galerija

Earrings – Mango

Lip liner – R de L YOUNG

Lip gloss – L’Oreal cream






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