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Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Recent favorite hair treatment | John Masters Organics

I am counting last days of my 7th month of pregnancy. It has changed my perspective on certain things and made me more careful about the products I use or the food I eat. Not long ago I shared my beauty favorites and included a Biosilk treatment I used for my hair. The product did a good job, but I had a difficulty to wash it off my hands after applying. So, I read the ingredients and was simply shocked. It contains only synthetic elements and some of them I couldn’t even understand, which made me so sad. Knowing that I praised that product so much! I had to say goodbye to it, instead searched for something to replace it.


Usually, I go to a hairdresser to bleach my roots each 2 months. As a result, it constantly needs a good nourishment. I try not to wash my hair too often, which is 2-3 times a week, as they tend to become quite dry and frizzy. To make blond locks looking good, with each wash I have to give it a little “feed”.



After visiting Bioteka store here in Vilnius, I discovered John Masters Organics, which took me by surprise. I got this product of a leave-in treatment for hair. It contains only natural ingredients. I was simply impressed. It gave me a natural shine without weighting my hair down or leaving them greasy. It is so pure and easy to apply. Has no scent. Very simple, yet very friendly for your body and for your hair.


When going out of bath I apply it on wet hair and then blow dry it. If there’s a need for more shine, I apply an additional amount on dry hair, too. I love how it washes away from my hands easily only with water. My previous experiences were much different. I used to always need a good amount of soap to wash the products off!


Your hair plays an important role of your appearance and mine are often quite hard to manage. I do have a bigger volume and sometimes I want to calm them down. This product retains my volume, but gives an incredible shine and softness.



I don’t know, if I could recommend any other product more than this one. It deserved a separate blog post! Just give it a try and you will understand the beauty and the pureness of it.


Cannot wait to discover more of John Masters Organics. Already have an eye on their combo paddle brush and shampoo. Excited!


Girls, let’s keep on shining!

In a healthiest way possible!


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  1. Loosing the hair and getting it thinner day by day is a nightmare for anyone. Thank you for sharing the effects of this product as you have used it in person. Nice post regarding the protection of hair. Thank you so for sharing.

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