Road trip to Croatia | Day 1 & 2

Monday, October 9, 2017
Roadtrip to Croatia | Family | Austria

I am very excited to finally be sharing first pictures and first video blog (vlog) from our summer road trip to Croatia. Such a special vacation for us, because we haven’t had one in years. It felt so good to leave everything behind and to go for a little adventure. Even though the trip was kind of tiring, it took us 3 full days to get to the final destination. But I love road trips too much and it was all worth it.


I was 10 weeks pregnant at the time. It was the period (first 3 months), where I didn’t feel my best. Pregnancy was taking a lot of energy from my body. Somehow, I managed to make it and not cause any big drama. Maybe the excitement was taking over. Just a massive herpes on my upper lip was “decorating” my face. As I overdone myself before leaving. Probably with work and lack of sleep.


As we shot so many clips and didn’t take that many pictures, I decided to do a vlog (find it at the end of this post). Divided it day by day, so it is not overwhelmingly long. Here are our first 2 days.


-Day 1-


We left Vilnius at night on July 2nd, 23:00. We traveled by car the whole night (through Poland), till we reached Prague (Czech Republic). We had a short evening to spend in Prague, where we decided to make a quick visit to the old town. Our hotel was super nice, because they took us to the city center for free. All 7 of us. How generous it was from their side? We were quite impressed with the city’s architecture, but not so much with people. The city didn’t feel safe and maybe our tired heads were not really into it. Don’t know why, but we were very excited to go back to the hotel and have a good night sleep. Hotel Aura was great, it’s a pity we didn’t have time to enjoy its pool, but overall we were really pleased about the stay.



-Day 2-


We woke up on July 4th and had a long way to go from Prague (Czech Republic) to Rijeka (Croatia), which meant in one day we crossed Austria and Slovenia.



The views from the window were getting more and more beautiful and as long as we came closer to Rijeka, we were amazed and speechless. Croatia is definitely a beautiful country and worth exploring multiple times. We had a booking at a hostel Fun in Rijeka. It was totally different experience from what we had in Prague. Hostel was right by the beach. The moment we arrived, we took our stuff to the room and went outside to dip into water.


Before that, it was a special moment, as we decided it would be a good opportunity to tell our family we were pregnant. What a coincidence, as it was the day of Aidas mom’s birthday. You could definitely tell from their faces that the news were unexpected and the surprise was a success. After all the fun outside, we all went to rest. It felt like back to college again as we spent the night in one room (yes, 7 beds in one room). It helped us bond a lot and get to know each other very well.


Morning at Rijeka was glorious. The sun was shining and the weather was easy. We were off to another day full of travel. But about it on my next blog post and vlog!





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