Ski holiday at “Les Sybelles”

Thursday, March 16, 2017
Les Sybelles, France

Today sharing a memory from last year of our trip to a ski resort “Les Sybelles“. We departed from Vilnius, Lithuania and went to France, Saint-Sorlin-d’Arves by car in 34 hours! It was one hell of a ride, but so worth it. Road trip started on 2016-01-22 approx. at 08:00 and we reached our destination on 2016-01-23 approx. at 17:00. We had 4 days to spend on the slopes and our friends, especially my husband Aidas, were pretty happy about it.


Skiing is definitely not my favorite thing to do, but you know that magic happens when you are out of your comfort zone. I faced so many challenges in this trip: dealing with my chronic fatigue, conquering a fear of heights and the list goes on. But it was still fun, it was still epic!


We were fortunate to have all days sunny. The weather at Les Sybelles was beyond beautiful. Blue skies, colorful skiers, holiday mood on. Resort had a nice variety of bars, cafes with wi-fi and great food markets. Unfortunately, had to use a local emergency room, not because of trauma, but because of my chronic fatigue and I have to say the doctors were pretty great, too.


This year we are having a little break from such winter activities and travels. My hubby went snowboarding only once on a local mountain Liepkalnis here in Vilnius, Lithuania. But cannot wait to go next year and face my fears again! 😉



Hope you enjoy watching these two youtube videos we created.  Part 1 is my favorite, I really enjoy road trips, they make me feel calm and at peace. Passing by countries and watching how it all change. Love it!



And here is my husband’s favorite part, the time on the slopes at “Les Sybelles”.



Our dream team:
1/9 Aidas
2/9 Monika
3/9 Svajūnė
4/9 Karolina
5/9 Asta
6/9 Andriukas
7/9 Kipras
8/9 Tautvilė
9/9 Karolis





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